YICE License structure

Below you will find the license structure. Both licenses can be extended with extra users, control frameworks and controls. Licenses can further be tailored upon request. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Every license includes a full operational YICE set-up, with all modules, 2FA and ‘document upload’ functionality.

Prices are per year, ex. VAT. License fees are paid annually in advance.

Every customer license includes a one-off, empty, full operational set-up in a completely separated and secured YICE subdomain. One Admin account will be provided.

Business in detail…

The Business license will fit in most organizations. You have access to every module and can add up to 3 users, 2 control frameworks and 300 controls. Besides, you can use two-factor authentication (sms or e-mail) and the document upload function. Finally, you will receive 4 hours of free set-up support.

Ideal for small and mid sized organizations with compliance challenges related to one or two control frameworks

If you need a robust system to manage a control framework, like ISO 27001 or ISO 9001, the Business license might be the right one for you.


€ 2950

3 users

2 control frameworks
300 controls

4hrs free set-up support


€ 7950

25 users

10 control frameworks
1500 controls

8hrs free set-up support

Enterprise in detail…

The Enterprise license is the most extensive license. On top of the Business license you are able to define more users, control frameworks and controls (e.g. related to specific customers or supervisory bodies). And you will receive 8 hours of free set-up support.

Ideal for mid and large sized organizations with multiple (internal and external) users and compliance challenges related to legislation and regulations

If your needs are high, your organization is complex with different internal and external stakeholders, certification and assurance are issues to you, the Enterprise license might be the right one for you.

Benefit from 35 years of experience

YICE is build from practice and the daily challenges of specialists in several industries