ISO, GDPR, CIS, NIST, DNB, EBA, Fedramp, Wwft, NEN, BIO ,,… do you still see the controls through the jungle of control frameworks?

The demands of customers and regulators seem to be increasing every day and are often overlapping. How can you demonstrate that you meet all the requirements? With an ISO certificate? With an ISAE 3402 report? A SOC2 report? A right-to-audit? A combination of these? And how can you set up an effective and efficient control process, without checking the same subject 3 times? And how and where do you record the results?

If you can relate to these challenges, you have probably outgrown MS Excel as a registration tool. You need one central GRC system in which you can record all requirements and that supports you in your compliance challenges. A system that also anticipates new requirements from stakeholders, which can change on a daily basis; ClientA requires an encrypted database, clientB requires a backup twice a day and clientC wants an extra strong SSL certificate. Help!

Fortunately, the solution is nearby: YICE, a versatile, practical and affordable choice. And security comes first, YICE B.V. is also in possession of an ISO 27001 certification.

Shall we schedule a (virtual) meeting to brainstorm about your GRC challenges? I would be happy to give you a YICE demo right away.